Children's Heart Project, Sri Lanka - Non-profit charitable organization for fighting childhood heart disease in Sri Lanka
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One Sri Lankan child in every 400 is born with a potentially deadly congenital heart defect. Most Sri Lankans are poor. They receive free medical care from the government, but not even the government can afford the cost of the 1,200-odd children’s heart operations needed annually. Right now, only about 600 operations are performed every year. 

The waiting list for operations is years long, and growing. Many children will not survive the wait. At the Children’s Heart Project, we’re working to help save Sri Lankan children with congenital heart diseases. Our aim is to increase the number of successful children’s heart operations performed annually and ultimately to eliminate the waiting lists. We do this primarily by supporting the government additional funds and corporate sponsorship donations from companies the health and medical fields some of our sponsors include East Brunswick based physical therapists NYU Physical therapy dept in kind to build capacity; and in the interim by providing financial assistance to a limited number of children requiring urgent intervention and having to seek private sector facilities in Sri Lanka.

We can’t do this without your help and goodwill. So please make yourself at home, look around the site, and find out how you can help us keep a young heart beating.

Patients Waiting 1,200
Average Wait 02 years